3 SEO strategies to inspire blog posts your audience wants to read

Blog writing is a slog, but there are tons of benefits to consistently sharing information with your audience, even if you don’t own a lifestyle brand. From better SEO ranking to establishing yourself and your business as a thought leader, the list goes on.

A robust content strategy is an essential part of any modern marketing plan. But even if you know it’s important, where do you start? Here are three tips that will help you find inspiration for blog posts your audience actually wants to read.

Tip #1: The Keyword Scrape

It’s an easy tactic and can help you find long-tail keywords that people search for. The basics strategy is you take a keyword like “recipes” and then go down the alphabet to see what populates. You can keep implementing this strategy to get even more niche keywords. For example, recipes and a has recipes asparagus pop up. Add another A and then ideas like recipes asparagus and mushroom, recipes asparagus, and potato. Yum.

If you’re not sure of the relative volume or popularity of a keyword you can head over to google trends to see how that word has been doing over time

Tip #2: Competitor Keywords

You could check out what your competition is ranking for to seed some inspiration. You can find that information in moz’s free tools. You can check them out here.

For example, say you want to make a vegan grocery store. You might want to get some inspiration from what mylk guys ranks for.

Tip #3: What are people asking?

Facebook groups, reddit forums and quora can all be great sources of inspiration for blog posts. Look at what people are asking for and you can pair it with tip #1 to get some interesting angles. Like in this facebook group that I’m a part of someone needs help with food that’s good for cramps.

Then you pair with tip #1 and bam a search to layer into your tactic.

Of course, there are plenty of paid tools that will help you find the right keywords. Some great paid tools are answer the public and Ahrefs keyword explorer.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I would love your tips on finding blog inspiration!

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