4 online businesses that are possible now that would have seemed odd in June 2019 

I've seen a few interesting articles speculating about the future post-pandemic. Especially in business. Several focusing on the massive acceleration of market trends and burgeoning multibillion-dollar business opportunities for startups. See here and here for interesting takes on that (TLDR virtual experiences, online grocery shopping, and virtual education seem like good bets).

Since it's such a fun exercise to look at what we're doing now that would have seemed like an implausible idea just one year ago, I'll run through that same exercise with some potential micro businesses.

Virtual Event/Conference Planning

Virtual events were one of the first things to get disrupted with the pandemic, and the rush to translate in-person conferences into digital ones has spurred massive growth in platforms like Zoom and Hopin. All the virtual meetings bring a need for someone to help organize meaningful and engaging digital experiences. This biz could do everything from organizing sponsorships, choosing platforms to planning the list of speakers, and other engagement activities (polls, virtual networking breakouts, etc.)

Online babysitting

The toll that both work from home and school cancelations have on working parents is not a jokeA virtual babysitter could keep a child engaged over zoom with educational or creative activities while giving parents some much needed time to focus. 

Virtual Club Host

Yes, some of the bars are open (especially in the south where I'm based), but if virus cases continue to increase, we might all have to go back to partying inside. There are a few virtual clubs that popped up during quarantine, and if you're musically inclined, you can help some people upgrade their virtual happy hours to a virtual dance party that charges per attendee.

Digital Tour Guide

We're still a ways away from travel's return to normal.  If you live near anything interesting, you could give online clients a mini escape with virtual tours of closeby attractions.  In fact, some people have already given some at Airbnb experiences

What do you think? What are online micro businesses that we'll see crop up post coronavirus? Comment below! I'd love to hear it.

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