An Intro to Lunch Pail Labs

Happy to introduce Lunch Pail Labs, a new digital product studio and consultancy based out of Atlanta, Georgia.

Why lunch pail? 

In the early 1900s, the metal pails housed the daily lunch that workers took to their factory jobs and later became a symbol of the working class. Over the years, the working class has expanded, we're all not bringing lunch pails to jobs, but many of the everyday problems we face still lack solutions. We're lunch pail labs as an ode and a reminder of what we work on and who we're serving.  We're fulfilling lunch pail's vision by building ventures ourselves and helping clients build products we believe in. We focus on products that serve underestimated populations or make experiences more accessible.

Why now?

It has never been easier to bring a digital product to market and we think there are some ways that tech might help. Not too long ago, if you weren't a developer, building a 200K digital business didn't make sense. You would barely cover the cost of hiring someone to build the project. Now, a niche online product can meaningfully solve a problem and be profitable. This evolution is interesting, especially for the tons of issues that don't have big enough financial returns for traditional markets to solve.

How we're implementing 

Examples of lunch pail in action are Refolo, which is focused on ending nutrition-related diseases in communities of color by making fruits and vegetables easy. We also recently launched The village network, which is helping soloprenuers  receive the support and resources needed to grow their products. If you want to collaborate with us on a project contact

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