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Welcome to Lunch Pail — Issue #3

This week's issue is all about permissionless entrepreneurship and the future of work. Code and media empower a whole new wave of permissionlessness (not a real world, but we'll say that this is the state of not needing permission).

Some Permission History

Not too long ago, you needed either labor or capital to have the leverage to create wealth. You can now use code and social media to build wealth, and you don't need anyone else's endorsement to do so.

Slowly gatekeepers (persons and institutions) are being eroded away, and this isn't just happening for entrepreneurs. You don't need publishers to create a book. You don't need a label to distribute music; you don't need an MBA to be a CEO, etc.

What are some permissionless examples?

  • Jen Rubio wanted to get into marketing. Her boss told her she needed an MBA; she built a billion-dollar brand instead.
  • This former banker wanted to break into VC and was advised to get some startup experience before transitioning. He started his own firm instead.
  • This product leader broke into product management without a CS degree or an MBA.

What are some reads/listens on permission?

Here are some articles/books/podcasts that inspired this week's topic:

  • Forever employable by Jeff Gotheif (hint: to be forever employable build a personal brand outside of your job)
  • Permissionless entrepreneurship
  • This podcast episode with Riva Tez on being optimistic about problem-solving and the reminder to "...just play the game. Any game you wanna play, go play. Just go play it because it's just a f*cking game."

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