{TK-Name} - Integration Scope

by {tk-company name} on {tk-date}
ABOUT THIS TEMPLATE [Note to User: This section is for your reference and can be deleted when sharing the template with others.] Lunch Pail Labs created this integration scope template. We specialize in building integrations so that our clients can grow their integration library without sidetracking their teams. For more information on how to use this template in context, check out the accompanying blog post [link] and if you have any questions, contact us.


Provide a high-level overview of the nature of the integration project. Detail any key functionalities or potential applications.

Problem & Target Audience

Identify the specific problem or opportunity that the integration aims to address. What's the problem? For whom? What are the existing alternatives?

User Stories

The integration is specifically designed for {tk-target user}, allowing them to {tk-what they do}.

As a {tk-target user}, I want to {tk-action} so that {tk - goal}

  • {tk-additional bullet describing functionality}
  • {tk-additional bullet describing functionality}
  • {tk-additional bullet describing functionality}

Design Considerations

Please include basic design considerations for the integration or component, if applicable. This could be alignment with existing design elements, branding guidelines, or specific visual cues.
For more extensive design needs, such as custom design components, include Figma files, color palettes, and other relevant details. If there are no specific design considerations, please state so.


The table below provides a summary of external technologies powering the integration and their respective costs.
{tk- tool description}


{tk-stage name }
{tk-description of milestone}
{tk-stage name }
{tk-description of milestone}
{tk-stage name }
{tk- description of milestone}

Success Criteria:

Define any success measurements some examples
  1. The project is completed on time
  1. The project is completed within the given amount of budget
  1. The project fulfills all the scope given beforehand
  1. The integration reaches 1000 downloads within 6 months