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We build partner integrations for SaaS companies, enabling you to expand your software’s reach across major integration marketplaces—without the headache of doing it yourself

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Reach and delight users of these platforms

A few of the platforms we can develop integrations for. To date, our integrations have attracted over 7,000 customers for our clients.


that grow your business

Whether you’re looking to build a new product, explore a market or test a new revenue stream, Lunch Pail Labs is your full-service product partner.

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The dilemma

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Your customers live in a universe of tools...

As your customers' businesses grow, so do the number of apps they use. By the time a company reaches 35 employees, they’re already juggling more than 102 different tools.

If you don't integrate with a customer's tool stack, you won't even be considered. Integrating with these tools is essential to remaining competitive and satisfying customer needs.

But maintaining integrations can be a real grind...

You want to focus on your core product, but keeping up with another tool's quirks and complexities can be a distraction.

You might have heard of things like integration platforms and unified APIs that could help save time, but it's just another thing for your team to learn and manage.

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Enter integration bliss without the woes

A recent Profitwell study found that having just one integration can boost customer retention by 15% and increase customer willingness to pay by up to 30%.

Integrations are effective, but shouldn't consume all your energy. Let Lunch Pail manage the hassle so you can focus on your core business.

From inspiration to installation

1.Strategize 🔬

We get to know you and your business and develop your custom integration roadmap.

2.Build 🛠

We begin the build and keep you updated with regular progress reports and milestones.

3.Market 🚀

We create the assets you need to educate your customers and guide a successful launch.

4.Iterate 🔁

We're here as long as you need us, collecting feedback and iterating on new features.

Get Comments like these for your products

From ideation, to launch and into post launch we can support your integration through the entire journey. More on how we work below

1.Plan 🔬

‍We help you understand your business context and scope out your MVP to test critical assumptions.

2.Build 🛠

We use no and low-code development tools to test initial assumptions quickly. If you need custom code, we do that too.

3.Launch 🚀

Getting the word out and helping you launch, collaboration and features from the app platforms.

4.Iterate 🔁

We can support your integration on an ongoing basis, iterating on customer feedback to build new features.

Powering 7000+ builders

Our solutions leave your customers singing your praises

Unlimited potential,
one flat fee

The easiest way to build, manage and grow your partner integrations starting at $10,995/mo

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Membership Benefits:

  • Custom integration roadmaps
  • Live progress tracking through your client dashboard
  • Launch assets and customer education
  • Ongoing support and improvement

Common queries

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What kind of integrations do you build?
Who are the developers?
What turn-around time can we expect for new integrations?
How does the monthly subscription work?
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Ready for integration nirvana ?

Working with Lunch Pail Labs costs less than drowning your team in integration complexities.

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