Lunch pails are a reminder of what we work on and who we're serving. These metal cans were once used by countless workers to bring their lunch to factories, becoming a symbol of the working class. We're all not bringing lunch pails to jobs anymore, the world has advanced in many ways, but many of the everyday problems we face still lack solutions.

Software is eating the world, yet only 0.05% of people have the know-how necessary to create it. At Lunch Pail, we believe that when those who feel the pain are also empowered to build the solution, the result is magical. Lunch Pail Labs exists to empower all kinds of users to build software that solves their everyday problems.

We’re doing this by building integrations, supporting no-code education, and working with developer-first companies to create new experiences. If you'd like to join us in this journey or want to collaborate, please email  work@lunchpaillabs.com.


Lola Ojabowale is the founder of Lunch Pail Labs. She has years of strategy, operations and product experience and has built products for herself and others. Lola and her work have been featured in The Buildies, Render Atlanta, Trends.vc, and Empire Flippers.

When she's not running Lunch Pail Labs, Lola is active in the startup community. Lola graduated from Dartmouth, where she studied math, economics, and engineering. She is a native of the Washington D.C area who currently resides in Atlanta, GA.