How Lunch Pail Labs launched integrations for Daily

Discover Lunch Pail Labs’ end-to-end process for launching integrations. Learn how our collaboration with Daily, a YC company, resulted in the development of native integrations that have empowered no-code teams across use cases — like telehealth and productivity — to efficiently build video.

How Lunch Pail Labs launched integrations for Daily
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Daily provides a robust set of APIs and global infrastructure that empower developers with real-time voice, video, and AI capabilities like HIPAA compliance, large group calls, recording/compositing, and more. To date, the YC company has raised over $60 million and serves thousands of developers.
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The opportunity

The no-code app market is full of founders and businesses eager to develop and deploy tools efficiently, with a growing demand for video and audio experiences among its users. However, custom API integration can be complex and time-consuming, leaving many no-code platform users without feasible solutions.
Daily's platform, known for accelerating developers' market launch with video and audio experiences, was well-positioned to directly address the growing needs of no-code platform users with native integrations.

The solution

Daily teamed up with Lunch Pail Labs to break into key no-code ecosystems. At Lunch Pail Labs, we adopted a comprehensive approach to the engagement. Our process included:
  1. Platform identification and partnerships: We worked closely with Daily to pinpoint suitable platforms for integration, including Bubble, Adalo, and Bildr.
  1. Integration development: We handled the integration engineering and tested with customers to refine the functionality
  1. Marketing and launch assets: We created marketing materials and launch assets to promote the integrations, securing blog placements, creating video tutorials, and authoring tutorials.
    1.  One example of the diverse integration marketing initiatives we collaborated on with Daily
      One example of the diverse integration marketing initiatives we collaborated on with Daily
  1. Support and iteration: We provided ongoing support for live integrations and collaborated with users on updates

The impact

The integrations developed by Lunch Pail Labs have empowered no-code founders in sectors such as telehealth, education, and productivity to efficiently build video applications. The integrations gained wide traction, with over 8,000 installations. The adoption was supported by various marketing initiatives, including video tutorials, which attracted a combined 20,000+ views.
“Working with Lunch Pail Labs allowed us to explore the no-code ecosystem without diverting our engineering resources. They were a strategic partner with deep integration expertise, fully owning the work they did with us. Lunch Pail Labs’ enthusiasm, attention to detail, and flexibility were crucial in making this collaboration invaluable.”
Nina Kuruvilla, Cofounder of Daily

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