9 real businesses built without code

No-code, the method of building apps and software without coding, has exploded in popularity in the last few years. Gartner predicts that by 2025 almost 65% of all application development will be built with no-code and low-code.

Despite this, we hear objections all that time at Lunch Pail Labs that you can't build anything "real" with no-code and it's mostly for hobby apps. So here are nine real businesses, some that even raised money with no-code to prove that wrong.

1. Remi

Remi is a culture-building platform for remote and distributed teams to help them build culture and connection, easily and effectively. It's built with Bubble and Unicorn Platform. They have raised 1.2M EUR

2. Hello Prenup

Hello Prenup is a platform for easier, more affordable prenups. It landed a deal with two sharks on ABC’s hit TV show Shark Tank and is built on Bubble.

3. Teal

Teal is a digital career companion. They raised $5-million dollars last year. They do have a propriety chrome extension built with code but their core platform is built with Bubble, Airtable, Typeform, and Webflow for their front-end website.

4. Makerpad

Makerpad is a no-code learning and training platform. They were recently acquired by Zapier and their main tech stack includes Webflow, Airtable, Memberstack and Zapier.

5. Flexiple

Flexiple is a marketplace for top freelancers and developers. They made their first $100,000 with google sheets 🤯 . They've now made $3 million+  with a $100/mo stack that includes Airtable, Make (formerly Integromat), Memberstack, Webflow, and Bubble

6. BloomTech (formerly Lambda School)

BloomTech is an online coding school that has raised $122million in total funding. It is built with no-code tools like Typeform, Zapier, Airtable, Webflow,  Calendly

7. Dividend Finance

Dividend Finance built their entire solar panel financing platform and CRM for installers with Bubble and raised $365 million.

8. Comet

Comet is a marketplace of talented tech and data freelancers as well as companies that are looking for engineers and teams for specific projects. They raised over $12 million for their platform built on Bubble.

9. Qoins

Qoins is an app to pay down debt. They built and scaled their app with Bubble and still use no-code for major parts of their operations today. They have raised over $2 million in total funding.

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