App ecosystems explained

Learn what app ecosystems are and why your B2B SaaS company should care

App ecosystems explained
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An app ecosystem is a network of applications built around a central digital platform. These ecosystems not only drive revenue for app developers but also offer benefits to the platforms hosting them.
Well-known examples are the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Billion-dollar companies like TikTok, WhatsApp, and Uber derive a substantial portion of their user engagement and usage from mobile app ecosystems. Additionally, the host platforms, in this case, Apple and Google, rank among the world's most financially successful companies.

Why should my B2B software company care about app ecosystems?

App ecosystems are a growing opportunity for B2B software companies. Salesforce's AppExchange, established in 2005, is a prime example of where numerous large companies have grown by primarily building on Salesforce’s infrastructure
This trend isn't isolated. Other emerging ecosystems are creating their own mini-economies. For example, Shopify's app ecosystem generates $12B in revenue, and HubSpot's brings in $5B. Even newer platforms like Canva, which launched its app platform in 2023, are showing promising results. An early partner, D-ID, reported gaining a new user from the Canva app every 15 seconds.

App Ecosystems and Lunch Pail Labs

At Lunch Pail Labs, we specialize in navigating app ecosystems. We work closely with our clients to identify and integrate into key ecosystems that align with their goals.
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