The software leader’s guide to Make apps

Learn about the Make’s apps ecosystem and resources for building Make apps.

The software leader’s guide to Make apps
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Make has solidified its position as a leader in automation by linking a wide array of applications to streamline workflows and elevate productivity.
This overview details the process of creating Make apps and highlights the Make ecosystem.

Make’s App Ecosystem

Make is home to over 1,500 apps, connecting various SaaS applications and boasting a user base of over 500k across 198 countries. This expansive ecosystem offers developers significant exposure and the opportunity to impact businesses globally.

Developing Make Apps

For app development, Make offers both a VS-code extension and a web interface, catering to diverse developer preferences.
Essential resources for app development on Make include:

Publishing Make Apps

The Make app marketplace, currently in beta, aims to promote partner apps and aid users in discovering tools that maximize Make value. App submissions undergo a 2-3 business day review process before potentially being featured on Make's integrations page.

Is Your Service a Fit for Make?

Make is ideal for tools that integrate well with other business applications. It supports a wide variety of apps, from AI to website building, addressing diverse needs. Check their community requests for new Make apps to see if there's a demand for your service.
Interested in crafting an app for Make? Lunch Pail Labs stands ready to navigate you through the development journey. Get in touch to explore how we can integrate your service seamlessly with Make’s platform.

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