Three questions to answer before building your Salesforce app

When planning your Salesforce app, consider these key questions: What type of app are you building (ISVforce or OEM embedded), which Salesforce edition will you target, and what tools will you use to build your solution? This guide explores each question in detail, providing insights to help you choose the right approach and optimize your development process.

Three questions to answer before building your Salesforce app
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Planning is crucial when building third-party apps and integrations. You should consider the problem, user stories, and target audience. Salesforce apps, however, require some additional considerations. Here are three key questions to answer before building a Salesforce app for the AppExchange.

1. What Type of App Are You Building?

Decide on the type of app you're creating:
  • ISVforce Apps: Build an ISVforce app if you want to extend Sales or Service Cloud. They only sell to existing Salesforce customers and usually enhance Sales Cloud or Service Cloud.
  • OEM Embedded Apps: Create an OEM embedded app if your solution doesn't rely on Sales or Service Cloud. These standalone apps handle specialized functions like ERP or accounting.

2. Which Salesforce Edition Will You Target?

Salesforce offers several editions with distinct features and resources:
  • Starter (S): Great for small businesses with minimal needs.
  • Professional Edition (PE): Best for mid-sized businesses needing CRM with customization.
  • Enterprise Edition (EE): The most popular option, offering advanced customization and scalability.
  • Unlimited Edition (UE): Provides comprehensive functionality, including Premier Support and extra storage.
The edition you choose determines your app's features and resource limits. OEM embedded apps need Enterprise Edition or higher.
Useful Resources:

3. Which Tools Will You Use to Build Your App?

Salesforce offers excellent development tools:
  • Visualforce: Markup language for UI pages that integrates with third-party libraries.Visualforce Overview
Pro Tip:
Use declarative tools like Lightning Platform to speed up development. Combine Apex, Lightning Components, and Visualforce for customized features.
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