How to set up an Adalo component

Explore our guide on setting up your development environment for an Adalo component. This concise tutorial provides you with the essential steps to prepare your workspace, ensuring a seamless start to your Adalo development journey.

How to set up an Adalo component
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In this article, we’ll go over how to set up an Adalo component. If you’re unfamiliar with Adalo components check out and why they are an opportunity to consider check out the software leader’s guide to Adalo components.
Before beginning make sure you all the required prerequisites
For those who prefer a more visual approach, view the accompanying youtube video.
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1. Initialize your project

Begin by launching your preferred IDE (in the demo i’m using Visual studio). Open the terminal and execute the following command: Replace my-component with your desired component name.
npx create-adalo-component my-component

2. Name your library

You'll be prompted to name your library, which is essentially a collection of components. For demonstration, I'll name mine lolalibrary. Remember, library names can only include letters and numbers.
notion image

3. Name your component

Next, choose a name for your component. You’ll be able to add additional components if necessary later
notion image

4. Select component type

Choose between functional or class components.. I usually prefer functional components for their conciseness, but the choice largely depends on your style preference.
notion image

5. Choose package manager

Decide if you want to use Yarn as your project manager if you select no it will default to NPM
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6. Build Your Library

After you've finalized your selections, the process of building your library commences. This step involves installing all essential dependencies. Following this, you're all set to start developing your component, which is now prepared and ready for use!

Additional Resources

Explore these resources to enhance your knowledge of creating components with Adalo:
Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need assistance with Adalo component development. Happy to chat anytime!

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