The software leader’s guide to Canva apps

Uncover the advantages of building Canva apps. Explore the Canva app ecosystem and access key developer resources.

The software leader’s guide to Canva apps
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Canva now offers a platform for software developers, enabling the creation of third-party applications that leverage Canva’s design tools for its user base of over 160 million. This guide delves into key statistics, explores opportunities for app development within Canva, and provides valuable resources for developers.

The Case for Building Canva Apps

Reasons to consider developing a Canva app include:
  • Wide User Base: Canva's user base exceeds 160 million professionals across diverse verticals, offering a broad audience for new apps.
  • Growth Potential: With just over 160 apps currently on the marketplace, Canva presents ample room for innovation and growth.
  • Platform Support: Canva's commitment to app development is clear, with substantial resources like a $50 million innovation fund available until 2024.
Notable app examples on the Canva platform include D-ID, attracting a new user every 15 seconds, Brandfetch, Later, and LottieFiles.

Opportunities within Canva

While the total usage of Canva is over 160 million users there are several large segments:
  • Canva for Teams: With over 7 million business users, including usage in 85% of Fortune 500 companies, there's a substantial market for apps that enhance content production within corporate workflows.
  • Canva for Education: This segment boasts more than 45 million teachers and students, highlighting the potential for apps that support students and teachers.
  • Canva for Nonprofits: 500,000 nonprofits use Canva, this area is ripe for applications that streamline nonprofit operations using Canva's features.

Resources for developing Canva apps

For SaaS companies keen on exploring the Canva API and developing their own app for Canva, the following developer resources are invaluable:
  • Canva Starter Kit: A comprehensive kit to get you started with Canva app development.
  • Canva Quick Start: A fast-track resource for a smooth beginning with Canva app development.
  • Canva Extend: Gain insights from Canva’s developer expertise to enhance your app-building experience.
Building a Canva app can be a strategic move with immense potential. For discussions or guidance on Canva apps, Lunch Pail Labs is your partner. Book an intro call to discuss growing into the Canva ecosystem.

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