The software leader’s guide to TikTok Shop apps

Explore the TikTok Shop app ecosystem, access app development resources, and uncover the business advantages of building a TikTok Shop app.

The software leader’s guide to TikTok Shop apps
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As software leaders pursue new growth avenues, the emerging field of social commerce offers a distinct opportunity. Apps within TikTok Shop provide access to a flourishing marketplace on one of the globe's most popular social platforms, paving a direct route to this rapidly growing sector. This guide offers a comprehensive overview of TikTok Shop’s apps, delving into the rationale for creating a TikTok Shop app and presenting key resources to aid in their development.

The case for building a TikTok shop app

TikTok boasts a substantial user base, primarily comprising creators who leverage their brands to promote and sell merchandise. While the TikTok Shop platform is relatively new, having officially launched in the US in September 2023, it presents promising opportunities for apps that enhance and streamline e-commerce workflows.
Notably, companies such as Printful, Gorgias, and have already introduced TikTok Shop apps, showcasing the potential for successful integrations. Below are some compelling reasons for developing a TikTok Shop app:
  • 200,000+ Sellers: TikTok has rapidly attracted over 200,000 sellers, despite being just a few months into its platform launch. This engaged creator base represents a substantial market to tap into.
  • Early Marketplace Poised for Growth: TikTok Shop apps are still in their early stages, offering ample room to establish a prominent presence on the platform. As brands increasingly leverage TikTok for e-commerce sales and marketing, integration opportunities are positioned for substantial growth.
  • Open Developer Resources: TikTok requires an app review for public listing, but it's open and available for building private custom apps and working with their API. This means your team can explore and get familiar with the platform without having to go through the hurdles of establishing a formal partnership first

Resources for developing TikTok Shop apps

For SaaS companies ready to dive into a TikTok Shop app, here are essential developer resources:
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