Understanding unified APIs and key providers

Learn more about Unified APIs, discover top providers and understand how they help you accelerate your integration roadmap

Understanding unified APIs and key providers
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In the realm of software integrations, Unified APIs present new opportunities, offering a streamlined path to integrating multiple services.

What is a unified API?

An API, or Application Programming Interface, is a tool that enables two applications to communicate with each other. A Unified API takes this a step further by allowing a single point of communication with multiple APIs simultaneously. It serves as a single gateway that brings together diverse APIs under one standardized data model. This unification greatly simplifies the integration process, markedly reduces development time, and boosts operational efficiency. For businesses looking to scale and integrate a variety of services seamlessly, Unified APIs are an indispensable tool. Learn more in this short 2 minute video.
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Key unified API providers

In the expanding world of Unified APIs, certain platforms stand out for their unique features and extensive service coverage. Here are some promising Unified APIs that are reshaping the integration landscape:
  • Merge.dev: Great coverage in HR, payroll, and accounting integrations, Merge.dev offers an extensive range of services through a single API.
  • Unified.to: This platform excels in authentication, marketing, and HR integrations, simplifying customer data management across various CRM and marketing automation platforms.
  • Codat: Specializing in business data integrations and accounting automation, Codat seamlessly connects businesses with banks and various financial systems, streamlining financial data management.
  • Vessel: Vessel stands out in GTM integrations, offering comprehensive solutions in the Dialer, Chat, and Sales Engagement categories.
  • Rutter: A versatile platform for reading and writing commerce data across various platforms. Rutter provides robust support for accounting, commerce, payment, and subscription APIs.
  • Bonus Resource: For those interested in exploring further, this curated list tracks 90+ unified API providers: UnifiedAPIs.io.

Unified APIs and Lunch Pail Labs

At Lunch Pail Labs, we're enthusiastic advocates of unified APIs, recognizing their power to kickstart integration programs and rapidly scale integration coverage across multiple categories.
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