The software leader’s guide to Bubble plugins

Explore the Bubble plugin ecosystem, access plugin development resources, and uncover the business advantages of building a Bubble plugin.

The software leader’s guide to Bubble plugins
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If you're a software company aiming to broaden your reach and tap into new markets, leveraging a plugin can offer a compelling opportunity. With a bustling no-code community of over 3 million users, integrating your solution through a Bubble plugin not only opens doors to exponential growth but also connects you with an innovative ecosystem. This guide delves into the strategic advantages of choosing a Bubble plugin for your expansion and details the seamless process of integration to effectively serve Bubble’s vast user base.

The case for building a Bubble plugin

Bubble's primary customer base consists of builders creating customer-facing tools and apps. Integrations that empower the development of new app functionalities or enable entirely new types of applications, especially in categories like payments, video, and AI, tend to thrive within the Bubble ecosystem. Notably, companies like Microsoft Azure, WorkOS,, and Daily have launched plugins for the platform, showcasing the potential for integrations. Here are some other reasons to consider integrating with Bubble:
  • 3 million+ developers: Bubble proudly hosts a thriving community of over 3 million no-code developers. Explore several inspiring success stories within this vast ecosystem.
  • Engaged community forum: One of Bubble's standout features is its incredibly engaged community of users. This active forum is a hub for sharing needs, expressing preferences, and highlighting pain points in integrations and specific categories. It's a goldmine of insights for acquiring new users and conducting valuable testing.
  • Ease of launch: There's a wealth of resources available for anyone starting with Bubble plugins. And if you’re building an open-source plugin it doesn’t require Bubble's review process, allowing you to swiftly begin testing with customers and gaining valuable feedback.

Development resources for building Bubble plugins

For software companies interested in developing a Bubble plugin, the following resources are essential for learning the development process:
  • Lunch Pail's How-Tos: We regularly share guides on creating Bubble plugins, including SmartSuite, Twilio, and PostHog.
Building a Bubble plugin can be a strategic move. For discussions or guidance on Bubble plugins, Lunch Pail Labs is your go-to partner in navigating the ecosystem. Book an intro call to discuss integrating into the Bubble ecosystem.

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